Best-practice employee engagement in times of rapid growth: Version 1’s story

Best-practice employee engagement in times of rapid growth: Version 1’s story

Irish-headquartered IT services provider, Version 1, is on a rapid growth trajectory. 

Its market-leading reputation for helping private and public sector organisations adopt new digital technologies and processes – together with its active M&A strategy – has seen its workforce grow from 700 to more than 2,000 over the past four years, with new offices across Europe and in India.

This impressive growth has sparked a change in its employee recognition strategy. 

With an ever-expanding, increasingly-distributed workforce, Version 1 knew it needed to introduce a globally-managed recognition programme that could acknowledge great work on a consistent basis. It also realised that a more strategic approach could boost employee engagement – crucial at a time when there is a struggle to attract and retain the best talent in the IT sector – and create a feeling of togetherness.

In this interactive webinar, brought to you by People Management Insight, in partnership with Workhuman, Reka Fasi and Amanda Kelly, who spearhead Version 1’s global employee engagement programme, join Workhuman’s Mary-Elizabeth Cross, to discuss the impact of the company’s recognition platform – CallOut – which launched in October 2020.

We cover: 

  • How to build a recognition programme that supports key business objectives, such as attracting and retaining top talent, ensuring customer success and contributing to financial performance

  • Ways to ensure consistency in large-scale recognition programmes across different markets and business functions 

  • Best-practice advice for launching a new recognition programme

  • The role data plays in pinpointing best practices

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