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How to use technology to complement your health and well-being strategy

It’s difficult to argue with the advantages of technology, but as the influence of new digital tools and resources has increased, so have the concerns of experts who worry about the negative impact these shortcuts could be having on the mental, emotional, and even physical well-being of tech users.

Read this People Management Insight report, in partnership with Simplyhealth, as we explore three vital ways employers can use technology to support workplace well-being.


In a recent survey, produced in association with Hibob, People Management Insight asked you how you measured performance and how it impacted on the way you manage people. Are you measuring performance accurately? Is the performance process being executed properly? Are employees receiving meaningful feedback? This infographic has the answers...


Onboarding is a critical period for businesses to engage with a new starter, and for both sides to exchange important information. It’s a time when employees are making their first impressions of your business and deciding whether or not they’ve made the right decision to come and work for your company. 

Yet, onboarding is often overlooked. Engaging and nurturing a new employee is essential to help them settle in within the first few weeks and become well integrated into your organisation. Here, we list five ways technology can help you manage and deliver an effective and engaging onboarding experience.

If your employee benefits programme doesn’t appear to be delivering, perhaps it’s time for a rethink. Here, Laurel Dines, people director at Tusker, and Cory Laywood, corporate payments manager at Leicester City Council (LCC), discuss how you can meet the requirements of your employees, while also maximising productivity, with the implementation of a simple and effective benefits programme.