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The dramatic shift to home working over the past year is the biggest upheaval in working patterns we’ve seen since the Second World War. Managing your talent effectively, wherever they are working, will be more important than ever as we look ahead to the post-pandemic future. Download this infographic and discover the key findings from our expert report, produced in partnership with SAP – including why talent management has never been so important, and the steps you can take now to improve in this area.
In a recent survey, produced in association with Hibob, People Management Insight asked you how you measured performance and how it impacted on the way you manage people. Are you measuring performance accurately? Is the performance process being executed properly? Are employees receiving meaningful feedback? This infographic has the answers...



How can AI and humans transform L&D together?

There’s nothing more frustrating at work when your quick question has a long-winded, outdated and impractical answer - if you even get an answer at all.

Reelyze is an AI-powered knowledge platform that shares accurate and relevant information on demand, for better, faster and more measurable employee learning and development. 

The benefits are abound: L&D can finally say what they’ve spent on the budget and how its impacted the business; managers can rely on L&D to help their team instead of taking time out of their busy schedules to do it themselves, and employees have an intuitive and helpful tool to answer their queries, even the stupid ones.

Find out more about the app by watching the short video.