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The dramatic shift to home working over the past year is the biggest upheaval in working patterns we’ve seen since the Second World War. Managing your talent effectively, wherever they are working, will be more important than ever as we look ahead to the post-pandemic future. Download this infographic and discover the key findings from our expert report, produced in partnership with SAP – including why talent management has never been so important, and the steps you can take now to improve in this area.
In a recent survey, produced in association with Hibob, People Management Insight asked you how you measured performance and how it impacted on the way you manage people. Are you measuring performance accurately? Is the performance process being executed properly? Are employees receiving meaningful feedback? This infographic has the answers...


There’s work, and then there’s life after work. Most workplace financial wellness programmes focus on the here and now. Managing money and handling debt. Older employees have another financial concern - preparing for life after work. Worrying about the transition to retirement can cause anxiety, impact productivity and increase absenteeism.   

This article is written in partnership with HUB Financial Solutions, part of Just Group plc.


Product Spotlight: Are your people financially prepared for life after work?

Planning for retirement can be a daunting and complicated prospect for many of us. But it doesn’t have to be. By taking advantage of a financial wellness programme you can help your people by taking away many of the stresses involved in the process. 

In this spotlight, we speak to Adrian Cooper, business development director at HUB Financial Solutions, about an innovative new tool that makes putting those pension plans in place as simple as possible.

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    Adrian Cooper Business Development Director - Destination Retirement, HUB Financial Solutions
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    Jennifer Jackson Contributing Editor (host)

Product Spotlight: The revolutionary new tech that simplifies hiring

Hiring new people can be a daunting process, especially when hiring independent contractors. Managing onboarding, invoices and payments can almost feel like a full-time job. But by utilising the right platforms, hiring managers can ensure they can easily build a diverse and talented team.

In this spotlight, we speak to Lillia Stoyanov, CEO of Transformify, about a revolutionary new platform that can help you to hire the right people, while saving you time and money.

Product spotlight: Could you benefit from a freelance management system?

Did you know there are more than two million freelancers currently operating in the UK? And this number is only likely to increase. Recent studies from BCG and McKinsey found that 90% of business leaders believe that a blended model of permanent and freelance workforces will give them a competitive edge, while 70% believe they are likely to engage with more freelance workers than they did pre-Covid.

With this in mind, People Management's Suzanne Bidlake speaks to James Orpin, VP of sales at YunoJuno, to discuss whether a Freelance Management System (FMS) that provides a single point for compliance, control and visibility over your spend might be the solution to your freelance management headaches. 

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    James Orpin VP of Sales, YunoJuno
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    Suzanne Bidlake Contributing Editor, People Management Insight (Host)