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Join this webinar to discover what makes your employees tick. ADP MD Jeff Phipps and People Management editor Robert Jeffery discuss ADP’s The Workforce View in Europe 2019 report and its findings on employee mental health, unpaid overtime, inequality in the workforce, the cost of payslip errors and more

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    Jeff Phipps Managing Director, ADP
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    Robert Jeffery Editor , People Management
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    Eleanor Kahn Content Manager, People Management Insight (host)

If you’re a business with a payroll of over £3m, you will have been paying 0.5% of your annual payroll into your Levy ‘pot’. The money you have paid will soon expire. If you don’t use it, you will lose it. Join this webinar, in partnership with ICS Learn, for some top tips and guidance on how to make the apprenticeship levy work for you.

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    Stephen Norris Apprenticeship Consultant, ICS Learn
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    Mark Dawe Chief Executive, AELP
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    Edward Craig Head of Content Labs, People Management Insight (Host)


Which rewards really motivate your employees?

Reward and recognition go hand in hand, but employers should be wary of conflating the two if they want to foster a genuinely motivated workforce. Getting to the heart of what makes an employee tick is vital to business outcomes, but what shape reward takes has been – and remains – the subject of much debate. 

Read this People Management Insight report, in partnership with Virgin Incentives, to explore what really motivates your workforce

Seven unusual ways to invest your apprenticeship levy

The common perception is that apprenticeships involve lots of out-of-work training or are too inflexible and only suitable for those looking for a nine-to-five. Companies that hold these outmoded views are holding themselves back. 

Read this People Management Insight report, in partnership with ICS Learn, to find out how your organisation could be making better use of your apprenticeship levy.


In a recent survey, produced in association with Hibob, People Management Insight asked you how you measured performance and how it impacted on the way you manage people. Are you measuring performance accurately? Is the performance process being executed properly? Are employees receiving meaningful feedback? This infographic has the answers...


Onboarding is a critical period for businesses to engage with a new starter, and for both sides to exchange important information. It’s a time when employees are making their first impressions of your business and deciding whether or not they’ve made the right decision to come and work for your company. 

Yet, onboarding is often overlooked. Engaging and nurturing a new employee is essential to help them settle in within the first few weeks and become well integrated into your organisation. Here, we list five ways technology can help you manage and deliver an effective and engaging onboarding experience.

If your employee benefits programme doesn’t appear to be delivering, perhaps it’s time for a rethink. Here, Laurel Dines, people director at Tusker, and Cory Laywood, corporate payments manager at Leicester City Council (LCC), discuss how you can meet the requirements of your employees, while also maximising productivity, with the implementation of a simple and effective benefits programme.