Employee wellbeing

There’s work, and then there’s life after work. Most workplace financial wellness programmes focus on the here and now. Managing money and handling debt. Older employees have another financial concern - preparing for life after work. Worrying about the transition to retirement can cause anxiety, impact productivity and increase absenteeism.  

This article is written in partnership with HUB Financial Solutions, part of Just Group plc.

The global pandemic brought disruptions to the usual patterns of working for most. How can HR help to create new ways of working that benefit both employees and employers? How can employees achieve a good work-life balance and feel strongly connected to their teams? 

In this short read, produced in partnership with Winningtemp, we explore what the future of post-pandemic working life may look like, in discussion with HR and employee wellness talking heads. Find why transparency, two-way communication and kindness are set to play a bigger role than ever in future workplaces across all industries.


In this webinar, brought to you in partnership with WorkForce Software, we discuss how the last few months, due to COVID-19, has seen a change in working conditions and culture, and why it’s crucial not to put all staff into the same ’working from home’ box. 

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    Steve Tonks SVP EMEA, Workforce Software
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    Sally Hopper Assistant Director of HR, Hertfordshire County Council
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    Jenny Roper Editor, People Management (moderator)
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