Why offering employees retirement planning advice today is essential for a successful tomorrow

There’s work, and then there’s life after work. Most workplace financial wellness programmes focus on the here and now. Managing money and handling debt. Older employees have another financial concern - preparing for life after work. Worrying about the transition to retirement can cause anxiety, impact productivity and increase absenteeism.   

This article is written in partnership with HUB Financial Solutions, part of Just Group plc.

Creating a great Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is a top priority for businesses right now – and that means providing workforce benefits that go beyond the superficial. Helping people plan for the future by offering forward-looking financial advice shows that you’re not only interested in their current work and life; you also care about their future wellbeing. 

Independent research commissioned in 2019 by HUB Financial Solutions has found that most companies are interested in adding financial wellbeing support to their employee benefits package. Here are five reasons why that makes sense.