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Five ways pandemic pressures are changing the HR world for the better

The Covid era has upended our personal and professional lives, but new research shows that at least some positives have come out of it in the workplace. The pandemic has accelerated the pace of change, bringing about some potentially lasting gains for employees in general – and people managers in particular.

In this short read, we'll be revealing what HR professionals really think are the biggest benefits to emerge from the pandemic, based on a recent industry survey by People Management and learning provider MOL. From accelerated digital transformation and online learning opportunities to improved organisational insight and wellbeing provision, you told us that there are many reasons to be cheerful. Plus, find out how HR's own profile is rising, too, in the new world of work.

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How today’s psychometric tests can help you recruit and retain the right talent

Psychometric testing is a widely used tool in recruitment and talent management – so how can HR professionals use it to their full advantage? 

This short read in partnership with the British Psychological Society explores the value of the behavioural and psychological insights that modern tests provide – from the recruitment process to ongoing workplace coaching and career development – with the help of a chartered occupational psychologist.

Plus, we'll be looking at how scientifically rigorous testing can help reduce unconscious bias and build a more equal and inclusive workplace, and why HR leaders are choosing to add psychometric testing qualifications to their skills portfolio.

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Product spotlight: everything you should know about MHR’s People First platform

Can one piece of software be your pay and reward platform, corporate intranet, communications hub, learning gateway and stepping stone to opportunity? People Management’s Suzanne Bidlake quizzes Simon Davies and Rebecca Carter from MHR on what the People First HR and payroll platform can do for your organisation – and how it stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Find out how People First delivers on its promise of fast adoption, puts real-time data in the hands of people managers and could help remote workers feel part of a community, in our latest 10-minute video tour of leading HR product solutions.

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