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Five brilliant talent development strategies you can steal from major companies

From investing in your employees by sponsoring professional qualifications to simply creating a healthy learning culture around mistakes and failure, this People Management Insight report, produced in partnership with ICS Learn, details five ways in which companies at the very top approach talent development

Turning new recruits into efficient and effective employees is a challenge for any business, which makes the onboarding process so important. It starts the moment a job offer is made and is key to transforming new starters into engaged and productive members of your organisation. People Management Insight and Experian are interested in your views on the frustrations with onboarding compliance, the pros and cons of HR analytics, in-house vs outsourcing and more…
Professional qualifications impress in any industry, but especially in HR. CIPD courses empower and equip people to drive performance, inspire change and unlock potential within their organisation. But do they matter to you? What are the motivations for you around professional study – and does anything hold you back? People Management and MOL are interested to learn your feelings around professional study.
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