Mentally prepared? – An employer’s checklist for staff wellbeing as we leave lockdown

Months of physical isolation and mental overload are wreaking havoc on our daily life and have already cost UK companies billions of pounds in lost productivity.

Employers need to understand the scale of the problem and the pinch points within their organisations. Having real-time insight into the issues affecting employees provides vital context for meaningful conversations and – crucially – early intervention. Technology can play a valuable role in opening access routes for people to reach out for help, but tech alone can’t solve a mental health crisis. People want to feel listened to and know that they are not alone. High-tech systems are a modern HR prerequisite, but employers should never overlook the importance of human interaction in supporting staff wellbeing.

In this report – featuring input from inspirational people leaders across public and private sectors – we explore practical ways that employers are embracing tech and touch to support their staff into the new normal.