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Companies using essential skills to boost their recruitment, staff development and outreach

Essential skills like teamwork, creativity, listening, aiming high, and problem-solving underpin the ever-changing requirements of today’s workforce. And they are in high demand from employers that want to address critical skills shortages in their organisations.

Sitting in between basic skills (like literacy and numeracy) and technical skills (from plumbing to accounting), essential skills are often under-invested in. According to Deloitte, “Only 18% of executives strongly agree that their workforce is using their skills and capabilities to their fullest potential, and fewer than half of executives report that they can easily move skills to where they are needed most as work evolves.” 

Employers have a clear incentive to both recruit for and build these highly transferable skills into their workforces. Research also shows 89% of working age UK adults believe essential skills to be important for their own career progression or success in a recruitment process. That’s why building a structured programme for improving essential skills can benefit the whole organisation.

Read this People Management Insight expert report, produced in partnership with The Skills Builder Partnership, to learn more about how to build essential skills into your business through recruitment, outreach and professional development.

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