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In this webinar, brought to you in partnership with WorkForce Software, we discuss how the last few months, due to COVID-19, has seen a change in working conditions and culture, and why it’s crucial not to put all staff into the same ’working from home’ box. 

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    Steve Tonks SVP EMEA, Workforce Software
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    Sally Hopper Assistant Director of HR, Hertfordshire County Council
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    Jenny Roper Editor, People Management (moderator)

Which rewards really motivate your employees?

Reward and recognition go hand in hand, but employers should be wary of conflating the two if they want to foster a genuinely motivated workforce. Getting to the heart of what makes an employee tick is vital to business outcomes, but what shape reward takes has been – and remains – the subject of much debate. 

Read this People Management Insight report, in partnership with Virgin Incentives, to explore what really motivates your workforce

More and more companies are offering employee benefits schemes as as a way of attracting new talent, as well as keeping their current people motivated and engaged. But would a benefits scheme work for your organisation? And if so, which perks would appeal most to your employees? People Management Insight and Tusker are interested to learn your thoughts.
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