How to motivate and communicate… in the worst of times

How to motivate and communicate… in the worst of times

In this panel discussion, brought to you in partnership with Reward Gateway, you will learn about the role of communication and leadership in boosting employee support and motivation

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When times are this tough with extended remote and disparate working, home-schooling and normal life curtailed… getting employee support right has never been more crucial – and never been more difficult.

How can HR practitioners get it right? Can you keep your workforce motivated and connected? How can you recognise and reward when you haven't physically seen some people for over a year?

That's what this PM Insight panel discussion, in association with Reward Gateway, explores. We discuss:

  • real-life examples of exceptional HR leadership in these Covid times
  • why strong communication underpins everything – and how to improve yours
  • how to get the leadership support you need to help your people
  • how to align initiatives to company strategy to create urgency amongst your leadership team
  • how to create and sustain a company culture, a sense of purpose and employee satisfaction through strategic recognition programmes.

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