How to create a kinder workplace culture – and why it matters

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How to create a kinder workplace culture – and why it matters

Experts say being kind at work can have a huge impact on organisational success

We’ve seen a considerable attitude shift in recent years as the importance of kindness and wellbeing in the workplace has been realised, driven by a wider societal trend to ‘Be Kind’. 

There's a tangible link between kindness and wellbeing, with studies showing that acts of kindness lead to an improvement in wellbeing levels, and employees feeling valued. Not only can kindness strengthen bonds, and stimulate feelings of wellbeing towards colleagues and the wider business, but it has health benefits, too. 

But creating a culture of kindness isn’t a straightforward process; what constitutes one person’s idea of kindness might feel another person feeling isolated or upset. And how can we ensure that employees are being kind to themselves, as well as their peers?

Read this People Management Insight Report, produced in partnership with University of Sussex, sponsored by Pearson, as we put this issue under the microscope and explore how to effectively put kindness into practice.


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