How to eradicate inequalities in the workplace

Is your organisation as inclusive as you’d like? An equality-driven working culture could benefit both your business and society – if you take the right steps to achieve it.


Covid-19 has laid bare some of the continuing inequalities in our world. We’ve all seen headlines about the pandemic’s disproportionate impact on women, the increased violence against women and Asian communities, and the Black Lives Matter movement – yet governments and other organisations have applied the brakes on programmes to instigate a more equal society, blaming the economic downturn. 

Now is the time for employers to be bold, ambitious and radical about creating a different kind of working environment. There’s ample evidence that an inclusive workforce improves organisational efficiency, creativity and productivity. Here, in partnership with FairPlay Employer, we look at how adopting more inclusive processes could help you build a better workplace.


Chwarae Teg