How learning and development can support a more caring working culture

The barriers between work and home life have blurred during the pandemic, and employers’ duty of care has come to the fore. We look at how L&D can help bring organisations and employees closer together, even when we’re working apart.


For the past 18 months, workers at all levels might feel they’ve had more insights than ever into each other’s personal lives. With the rise of video meetings, we’ve all had the odd glimpse of colleagues’ laundry, dishes, children, partners or pets. The invisible masks of the office identities that employees wore before the pandemic have well and truly slipped.

Meanwhile, the impacts of the pandemic continue to be felt. Many people have had to cope with Covid themselves, or in their immediate families, while some are dealing with long-term effects from the illness, or struggling with their mental health. And many more have had their working lives disrupted by a sudden ping from their phone. 

Employees have needed support and understanding from their employers more than ever – and employers are placing increasing emphasis on helping their people stay healthy and happy. With the help of learning experts from The Access Group, we look at how the staff-employer relationship is changing, and how L&D can help equip workforces for a more peoplecentric era.