How to put digital-first learning at the heart of your L&D strategy

How to put digital-first learning at the heart of your L&D strategy

A revolution in learning and development has taken place over the last two years. Innovative ways of delivering educational content have not only produced new opportunities for organisations to invest in their people, but also developed an enthusiastic generation of employees, eager to learn in bespoke ways. 

Focusing on a digital-first strategy will allow this learning revolution to continue and exceed employee expectations, with e-learning that surprises and delights – whether your staff are interested in apprenticeships, bite-sized courses, industry accreditations or degree-level and Masters qualifications.

In this PM Insight webinar, in association with Pearson Online Learning Services, our panel will draw on the following key insights from its recent survey to discuss the future of e-learning and why it will be central to solving business challenges of the future:

Talent retention – 70% of organisations are focusing on reskilling/upskilling 

Organisations are increasingly looking inward to develop their existing employees to help solve the talent crisis. How will upskilling help to encourage an engaged and productive workforce?

Delivery methods – 74% believe the pandemic “has been a catalyst for a long-overdue learning innovation” 

How have innovative digital-first L&D methods – such as peer-to-peer learning and  gamification – opened up new paths for different skills and qualifications, from short courses to degree-level learning? 

Self-directed learning – 64% of employees have shown an increased appetite for continuous professional development (CPD)

Awareness of the importance of CPD is growing and doing nothing is not an option for businesses that want to keep their workforce happy. How can self-directed learning help and what are the options to encourage further education outside of work hours?

Business strategy – 34% intend to invest in transformation technology

In light of the pandemic, leadership and management training is top of the agenda (with 71 mentions across all respondents in the survey) – but how can organisations build a more strategic workforce through L&D, which aligns directly with business objectives? For example, through project-based learning.

Managing budgets – 78% have an L&D spend of under 500k

Today’s businesses have to make the most of their budgets. So what should be included in L&D programmes to answer the needs of all employees, and how can introducing new paths, such as Masters degrees, feed your star talent pipeline? 

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