How to master the art of L&D content curation

How to master the art of L&D content curation

With an ongoing staff retention crisis hitting HR departments, it’s never been a better time to maximise the effectiveness of Learning & Development. Reskilling and upskilling existing employees – served by an online library packed full of relevant, interesting content – will be essential to fill knowledge gaps and get staff excited about learning again.

And there is no shortage of digital learning content – a simple Google search on ‘project management’ will return nearly six trillion links. But how do you know which ones are of any value? And how do you find the right resources at scale across the hundreds of topics needed for your organisation?  

In this PM Insight webinar, produced in partnership with Go1, we will discover how L&D professionals can optimise their online content library to boost upskilling and reskilling opportunities and give employees renewed enthusiasm for learning. These include:

  • Aligning L&D content with the relevant skills gaps in your organisation

  • Finding the right content and rolling it out at scale for staff with different needs

  • Continually curating content and keep up with the pace of change to stay future-fit

  • Ensuring your employees are on board with new training programmes and encouraging self-directed learning

  • Measuring whether your content is resonating with employees and aligning with business objectives

  • Looking beyond content consumption and considering the holistic learning experience

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