In 2024, businesses are increasingly recognising the need to diversify their talent pools. Whether driven by a shortage of specific skill sets, escalating local labour costs, or a shift towards remote-first cultures, the call to recruit internationally rings louder than ever. However, navigating the complexities of global talent acquisition requires a strategic approach.

This People Management Insight webinar, produced in partnership with Safeguard Global, offers insights and practical advice to HR leaders looking to update their recruitment strategies and go global.

Our expert panel will cover:

  • The lay of the land: we’ll discuss the benefits, challenges and key considerations posed by international recruitment
  • The legal and regulatory requirements: we’ll explore the intricate and often evolving landscape of employment laws and regulations in other countries.
  • The possible avenues for success: we’ll assess various strategies for sourcing and attracting top talent on a global scale.
  • The support available: we’ll discuss the tools, tech platforms, and consulting services that can help you overcome common obstacles and accelerate your global talent acquisition efforts

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