An ongoing pain point for organisations is retention – in fact, 93% of employers are grappling with it. With opportunities for learning and career growth cited among the most common factors considered when people change jobs, it is critical for both employers and employees that L&D is made a priority.

Despite this, not all executives (just 16%) actively support L&D in their organisations, and so it’s important to explore what barriers are inhibiting its full adoption, and to establish how leaders can best implement L&D once those challenges have been overcome.* 

In this webinar, we discuss how leaders can use L&D as a tool to empower their employees, build capacity from within and address skills gaps within their workforce.

This session will also explore how HR leaders can establish a formative culture of learning within their organisation, and how they can focus on the strengths and opportunities of their employees through upskilling. 

We will cover:

  • Why a culture of learning in the workplace is important and how to build one
  • The benefits of investing in skills-based training and how best to kickstart the process
  • Why some leaders might be hesitant to fully support L&D and how to alleviate their concerns

*Source: Go1 State of Learning Report 2020

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