For too long, frontline workers have been unfairly disadvantaged by their organisations not having the interdepartmental cohesion or digital tools to properly connect with them. As a result, levels of employee engagement and wellbeing amongst deskless workers are disproportionately low.

If HR and internal communications align their efforts and share their skillsets, these teams will not only reach and engage the deskless workforce, but also improve engagement with senior internal stakeholders.

This People Management Insight webinar, produced in partnership with Flip, will explore how HR and internal communications professionals can work together to bring frontline workers out of the digital dark ages and into the forefront of corporate consciousness.

 Our expert panellists will ask:

  • Why are frontline workers quitting their jobs?
  • How do the needs of frontline workers differ from those working at a desk?
  • What are the barriers to HR and IC teams collaborating effectively?
  • What does successful collaboration between HR and IC look like?
  • What are the options available, digital or otherwise, to drive meaningful engagement?

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