Designing a remote people management toolkit

Designing a remote people management toolkit

In this session we'll be looking at the complex change that many HR leaders are faced with - the shift to a hybrid workforce that includes both remote and office-based workers. 

What needs to be in a remote people management toolkit to ensure the wellbeing, engagement and motivation of today’s dispersed workforce? How should HR lead the complex change in management style, analytics and behaviours required to nurture the collaborative skills and personal development of both remote and office-based workers? 

In this session, Steve Warner, Vice President: HR & Facilities, UK&I at NTT Ltd. and Adam Sweetman, HR Director, Intel Corporation, will explore why HR is the function best placed to review and implement new techniques and high-performing technology to effectively and empathetically recruit, collaborate, coach and support people as organisations seek to create a happy, productive workforce.

The remote workplace toolkit discussion will include:

  • Empowering managers with day-to-day remote management skills – virtual recruitment, coaching and performance reviews
  • Upskilling a workforce to maximise the value of digitised ways of working and collaborative tools
  • Inclusion for hybrid teams – ensuring no one gets left behind
  • Establishing remote workplace metrics to support HR data-driven decision making

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