The Great Refresh: how to turn employee dissatisfaction around in 2022

The Great Refresh: how to turn employee dissatisfaction around in 2022

Global workforce wellbeing is now reaching a tipping point, with 2021 being dubbed the Great Year of Resignation. Many people are questioning how and where they are working, while others report feeling undervalued and unsupported by their employers who they believe have failed to provide a stable work/life balance.

An always-on culture and lack of mental health support for employees, who have helped keep their companies afloat during the Covid-19 crisis, have all contributed to this wave of unhappiness. But high levels of dissatisfaction can be hard for managers to monitor – particularly if people are working from home more often – and the situation can be different across sectors and age groups.

So, what can we do to uncover the real drivers of employee dissatisfaction? And how can we build a roadmap to a happier workforce?

Join PR Week and People Management Insight and our panel of expert speakers for a webinar in partnership with Firstup, as they discuss:

  • What are the biggest barriers to a happy workforce at the moment? 
  • How can companies take the pulse of their employees and find out what’s ailing them and why is having an open conversation so important?
  • Is there a divide between desk-based workers and deskless employees in sectors such as healthcare and retail? Will they need a different route to happiness?
  • How can employers pay more than just lip service to staff wellbeing and mental health support?
  • In the new era of hybrid working, how can technology bridge the divide and help keep employees connected with their managers and peers? How can this improve happiness/feeling more valued?

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