The cost of living is soaring across the UK and recent research from PwC suggests UK inflation could
peak at 17% in the first half of 2023 with no government intervention. In this uncertain economic
climate, every global region has seen hiring rates drop off in the last 12 months. In a recent report
from LinkedIn, the UK saw an 11% decline between September 2021 and September 2022. While
skills shortages persist in certain industries and recruitment will remain a priority, people managers
are refocusing on retention strategies.

Priorities for frontline or deskless workers are also changing with wellbeing, both financial and
emotional, and personal fulfilment coming to the fore. Career growth, new opportunities and
listening to employee needs are now key to talent retention.

With the right HR technology, people managers can empower deskless workers to take more control
of their working lives – allowing them to bid on shifts, offering mobile access to payslips and better
communication with their manager. Technology can also open up opportunities for learning and
development on-the-go and provide easier access to a range of employee benefits.

In this webinar, produced in partnership with People Management Insight and Humanforce, we’ll
discuss how technology can bring positive change to the working lives of deskless employees whilst
also helping HR managers to identify emerging trends, threats, and opportunities in their workforce
through in-depth analytics and reporting.

We will cover how you can harness technology to:

  • Enhance real-time communication and employee feedback with the right tools and listening channels
  • Offer more transparency and employee choice in rostering
  • Mitigate employee stress with financial wellbeing benefits
  • Engage staff through mobile, bite-size training, learning and development
  • Create career pathways and provide opportunities for employees to move between roles, departments and locations
  • Futureproof your company with the right investment now

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