What are HR's biggest business challenges – and how can tech help?

What are HR's biggest business challenges – and how can tech help?

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A raging talent crisis, supply-chain headaches, disenchanted workforces and the ongoing threat of the global pandemic are just some of the huge challenges that modern businesses face today. Keeping pace with these seismic changes will be crucial to help organisations stay agile, unlock opportunities and cope with anything that’s thrown at them in 2022. 

Rethinking the way businesses manage, engage, communicate with and motivate their teams will be a key part of this solution. So, how can modern workforce management (MWFM) solutions powered by data, analytics, AI and apps – help boost performance, improve the employee experience and better predict workforce needs? And how does this relate to overall business performance?

People Management, in partnership with WorkForce Software, hosts a discussion with HR leaders and tech experts to find out.

We cover:

  • How can MWFM technology transform the employee experience and why is this so important with today’s digitally savvy workforce?
  • How can MWFM better predict workforce needs and why is this more crucial now than ever?
  • With organisations struggling to recruit and retain staff, how can MWFM help in the competitive talent market?
  • How can MWFM help to transform business operations? For example, reducing costs and improving services.
  • Can MWFM reduce admin, help HR be more strategic and align the organisation around a common goal?

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