How HR can increase its influence and impact in the new world of work

How HR can increase its influence and impact in the new world of work

Is HR getting the recognition it should at your organisation? The pandemic has placed extraordinary demands on people professionals as they help workforces adapt to rapid change – and as our working lives continue to evolve, HRs should be playing a vital role in shaping the future of work.

For many employers, the Covid crisis has highlighted the importance of strong and strategic people management, and raised the internal profile and influence of HR. Yet in other organisations, HR teams still don’t feel influential within the business. Many struggle to get taken seriously by the C-suite, or to help shape the company’s overall strategic direction.

New global research by Sage shows that more than half of C-suite leaders feel that HR teams are not playing a leading role in operational excellence; and only 40% of the C-suite are basing their business decisions on HR data. What’s more, an even higher number of HR professionals themselves feel they’re failing to take the lead in key areas of work. 

So, how can HRs build on all the hard work and responsibility of recent months to play a more influential and strategic role within their organisations? 

Join People Management host Jyoti Rambhai for a truly global afternoon webinar session that will bring together industry experts across a number of time zones to share their insights on the past, present and future of HR. They’ll be talking about what we've learned about people management from the pandemic; what HRs should be doing now to cement their internal standing; and what’s next for the HR function. Discussion points will include:

  • Has the role of HR changed over the past 18 months? 
  • Have expectations on HRs changed – or will they in future?
  • What are the barriers to HRs being listened to by senior leadership?
  • How can HR teams play a more leading role internally?
  • What insights and tools can HRs draw on to increase their impact?

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