How to help your people thrive in the changing world of work

How to help your people thrive in the changing world of work

We’ve all been operating in uncharted territory over the last 18 months, as offices largely shut down and remote working became mainstream. But as many companies start to mobilise for the return to the workplace, it doesn’t mean simply slotting back into how things were. HR professionals have a unique role to play in helping people to thrive as we all roadtest, and learn from, new working practices. 

Whether your organisation is returning to the office or embracing new models such as hybrid, it’s a crucial time to connect with, motivate and energise your employees – and support their wellbeing and personal development, wherever they’re working.

From leveraging the benefits of a diverse and inclusive working culture to optimising health and wellness initiatives, it’s time to build on the past months. We look at how to evolve your programmes to meet employees’ new needs and expectations, and put people at the heart of your future strategy.

Join us for a People Management Insight webinar in partnership with JLL, as we reveal exclusive new research on employee wellness, and discuss:

  • Empowering and energising your people to thrive on change 
  • The advantages of attracting and retaining a diverse and inclusive workforce
  • Evolving your employee value proposition to provide flexibility, connectivity and opportunity

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