How to invest in hybrid and remote workforces

How to invest in hybrid and remote workforces

How to ensure employees feel invested in your company’s success, wherever they choose to work

The last two years have seen organisations rapidly pivot from office-based to remote and hybrid working, with 1 in 5 people now wanting to work from home full time*. There is a danger that a divide could open up between people who want to work on site and those who choose not to come into the office as often – a decision that can be based on things like living arrangements, childcare commitments or an employee’s health condition. 

To ensure your workforce is as productive and visible as possible, and to promote inclusion and diversity, it is essential that all employees are offered the same opportunities, regardless of how and where they decide to work. As line managers find themselves juggling both face-to-face and remote teams, they should be provided with the essential strategies and technologies to ensure all employees can:

  • feel invested in, and be part of, the company’s success
  • self-manage career development/define career paths
  • provide equal opportunities for internal mobility and to pursue new projects
  • make internal L&D programmes personal and actionable
  • avoid unconscious bias towards office-based workers

Join our webinar, in partnership with Eightfold, where our speakers will discuss how organisations and managers can tackle these challenges, invest in their people and bring out the best in their remote and hybrid workforces.

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