How to prepare employees for the unknown jobs of the future

How to prepare employees for the unknown jobs of the future

Future-fit skills are no longer the domain of the elite. They are needed across the workforce if teams and organisations are to innovate, communicate, adapt fast and become resilient. 

Recent improvements and experimentation in L&D resources, digital content and platforms, sparked by the pandemic, provide the opportunity to open up access for all. However, if no one uses them and employees are not engaged, then we are no further forward. 

If employees haven’t bought into the relevance of these essential skills for their jobs today, they might struggle to invest time for the future. So how can L&D leaders connect and engage with staff across the business to build future skills? 

Join this PM Insight webinar, produced in partnership with Go1, as we discuss:

  • How to identify the future-fit skills we all need for success.

  • How to build them to scale across the organisation, not just the elite. 

  • How to ensure your L&D content solves the underlying issues that organisations are facing.

  • How L&D can curate the best content to share with different learner groups.

  • How to build a sense of excitement to get employees behind the implementation of a new L&D programme.

  • How to equip line managers to help their teams get the most out of learning.

  • How to track the impact on performance before, during and after a learning intervention.

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