It’s crucial that HR teams feel confident offering workforce insights that inform top level decision-making and drive organisational change. Yet, for many HR professionals, understanding the type of data you need, how to collect it, connect its silos and analyse it, can seem daunting.

Well, fear not! People Management Insight is hosting a webinar, produced in partnership with Flip, to explore how companies can embrace digitalisation and harness their data to become both slicker operators and better employers.

 Our expert panel will cover all this and more:

  • What’s out there? We’ll discuss the types of data that can be collected by technology and the benefits of each
  • What do you do once you’ve got it? We’ll explain how to evaluate your data and spot the trends in order to offer valuable insights and make accurate future predictions 
  • What’s the point? We’ll talk about how to effect real change in your organisation once you’ve conducted your analysis. 

If you’re building a data strategy, or overhauling your existing one, and would appreciate some practical advice, register to watch below.

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