Let’s face it – managers are grappling with unprecedented challenges. The latest research from the Gartner Group paints a stark picture: 54% of managers are wrestling with work-induced stress and fatigue. Their responsibilities, from navigating hybrid teams to prioritising employee well-being, have reached a tipping point.

And it’s not going unnoticed. Only half of employees express confidence in their manager’s ability to steer their teams toward success in the next two years.

These figures come in despite HR professionals making leader and management development a top priority in 2023 and 2024. So, is it time for us to rethink the very essence of managerial roles in today's workplaces?

Join People Management Insight at this exclusive roundtable, hosted at the Festival of Work, as we delve into how HR leaders can truly empower their managers.

This event, in collaboration with Workday, promises:

  • Insights into the challenges making managerial roles overwhelming
  • A critical examination of why conventional strategies may fall short
  • Fresh, innovative approaches for HR professionals to lighten managerial burdens and enhance effectiveness
  • A glimpse into the transformative potential of technology, including AI, in aiding managerial tasks