The true costs of undervaluing your people

Your most talented people know their worth. And if they feel they’re not being properly recognised – they are happy to find a company that will. 

Yet, according to research by Gallup, “More than half of existing employees said that in the three months before they left their job, neither their manager nor any other leader spoke to them about their job satisfaction or future with the organisation.”

The phenomenon of ‘quiet quitting’ is employees doing the bare minimum as they become increasingly disengaged starts when workplace culture fails to deliver on employment promises. This is a real problem as disengaged employees cost the world $7.8 trillion in lost productivity, according to Gallup data.

So, are you doing enough to keep your most valuable people happy and have you properly grasped the true costs of them leaving? Join this People Management and Management Today Insight webinar, produced in association with Gallup – a global leader in workplace consulting and research – as we explore the essential elements that form the basis of a long-term staff retention strategy and the consequences of not implementing one. 

Our expert panel will discuss:

  • How to discover if your employees are disengaged
  • How to help staff maximise their potential to keep them engaged
  • How effective workforce planning can help improve retention
  • The role that recognition and reward plays in staff happiness
  • The effect that leadership development can have on employee turnover
  • The importance of having a strong EVP that aligns with employee values

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