Work-life balance: how we lost it, and how to get it back

Work-life balance: how we lost it, and how to get it back

You’re not just imagining it: many of us are working longer, and harder, than ever. And even if your workforce had a healthy work-life balance before the pandemic struck, chances are that it has taken a hit in the past 18 months. Recent research suggests that remote workers in the UK, US and Canada have increased their working hours by more than two hours a day since the Covid crisis began.

From key workers and other employees who have had to keep calm and carry on going to work throughout the pandemic (while facing more restrictive working conditions than ever), to the remote staff whose work and home lives are becoming uncomfortably blurred, to the teams struggling with staffing shortages, every workforce has faced huge pressures over the past year. And even in industries where hardworking employees and long hours are the norm, stress and burnout are a real risk. 

So whatever happened to that long-forgotten idea, work-life balance? And can we possibly get it back in the new era of work?

Join People Management Insight and our panel of expert speakers for a webinar in partnership with Fujitsu, as they discuss:

  • What are the biggest barriers to a balanced working life at the moment? 
  • What does work-life balance look like for employees in jobs like manufacturing, retail, construction and medicine, who’ve stayed on the front line throughout? 
  • And are new ways of working, such as remote and hybrid, helping or hindering us achieving it?
  • How can HR teams help workforces get a better work-life balance – and achieve it themselves?

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