Building a human-centred workplace

Building a human-centred workplace

In this webinar, produced in collaboration with Workhuman, we explore the current state of the world of work and learn how bringing humanity to workforces is the new blueprint for success now and in the future. 

This pivotal year has brought many changes to our daily lives and to the ways we work. The relationship each of us has with our work has been altered, perhaps forever. Our world has changed, and companies need to change with it. The urgency for a way forward has never been higher. 

In this webinar, produced in partnership with Workhuman, we share stories and actionable insights from companies that are thriving today. 

Join the event to discover how you can help pioneer a new set of workplace rights and get a chance to have your questions answered by Derek Irvine, SVP of Client Strategy and Consulting at Workhuman.

  • Get new actionable insights on how to unlock the power of human connection in the global workplace.
  • Hear strategies from leaders at Cisco, Schneider Electric and Baystate Health on how to thrive today.
  • Discover a revolutionary new way to guide and celebrate companies on the path to working human.
  • Join the next generation of HR business leaders pioneering workplace rights.

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