5 ways technology defines EX for frontline workers

5 ways technology defines EX for frontline workers

How technology can help boost engagement and retention of your deskless workforce by delivering a multilayered and compelling employee experience


Employers of shift-based, ‘deskless’ workers face a unique set of challenges, such as high employee turnover, burnout, health and safety risks and complex compliance obligations. Many of these challenges stem from employee disengagement. According to Gallup, only 21% of the world’s employees were engaged at work in 20211. Before the pandemic, engagement and wellbeing had risen steadily for almost a decade but now they are stagnant. 

Ryan Pendell at Gallup writes that: “Engagement is not a characteristic of employees, but rather an experience created by organisations, managers and team members.”2 It's up to leaders to reinvigorate their workplaces and build that culture of engagement. It’s not a simple task but by devoting time, careful thought and the right investment, you can cultivate a workforce that is committed, loyal and valuable. The benefits speak for themselves. In Gallup’s recent analysis, highly engaged teams saw 23% higher profitability, 18% higher productivity and 10% higher customer loyalty than less engaged teams.3

A compelling and multifaceted Employee Experience (EX) will help your organisation not only to engage, but also retain and attract talent. Technology is a fundamental component of a successful EX; smart workforce management tech can help to solve the particular challenges in deskless industries, and save money on labour costs, give greater visibility on operational and people risks and give back precious time for managers to spend on culture.