Digital recruitment tools: artificial and not so intelligent

Digital recruitment tools: artificial and not so intelligent

New research suggests there is plenty of work to do to make AVIs a benefit for jobseekers as well as employers 


Automation is becoming an increasing feature of recruitment, university assessment and careers advice through Asynchronous Video Interviews (AVIs). The effect on young people entering the workforce is profound and there are major concerns that employers do not fully understand the implications on the hiring process.

According to McKinsey’s Global Survey of executives in 2020, digital adoption had accelerated by up to seven years in the space of only a matter of months.

However, for many big businesses, the use of AVIs in recruitment predates the pandemic. Vodafone, for example, has been using HireVue for at least five years. “This is the future of resourcing,” said their then head of resourcing, Catalina Schveninger, in 2017. A Gartner survey of 334 employers in 2020 revealed that 86% had used virtual technology to interview candidates during the pandemic.

University of Sussex Business School