Five ways your job in HR – and other people’s perceptions of it – have changed

If it feels like expectations on you and your team are evolving rapidly, you might just be right. New research from Sage has highlighted key changes the HR function has undergone during the pandemic. From shifting priorities to bigger workloads, we look at some of the top takeaways.

The challenges of the past year have made it the most difficult of many people’s working lives, and HR is no exception. The pressure to keep pace with an uncertain economic climate and adapt to changing priorities, while faced with an increased workload, has left many in the function yet to catch a breath. 

A new report by business solutions firm Sage, HR in the moment: Changing expectations and perceptions of HR, has laid bare the extent to which the working lives of people professionals have changed during the crisis – and how the way they’re viewed within the company is shifting, too. Read on for some key findings, from the role of technology and changing skillsets to how HR leaders are seen by the C-suite.