Connecting HR and IT: how to work together to transform the employee experience

Connecting HR and IT: how to work together to transform the employee experience

Join this interactive webinar with Fujitsu, Microsoft and Citrix for tips on joining forces with your colleagues in IT 


It’s a transformational time for every business and many are inventing new normals. Whether your business has experienced extreme upheaval or a whiff of turbulence, it’s likely you’ve had to adapt or evolve to stay relevant. 

That’s the case for many HR teams who face pressure to build a dynamic talent and work model that’s fit for the post-pandemic era. Could it be that HR actually needs to collaborate more with the IT department to maximise its value? As HR leaders look to tech solutions as the answer to key workforce issues, do they need to prioritise relations with IT to get this important step right? 

Why is this collaboration so important right now? And what are the risks if these two significant functions don’t work together? 

People Management, in partnership with Fujitsu, hosts an interactive discussion with Microsoft and Citrix to explore this and more. 

We cover:

  • What are the common goals HR leaders share around technology? 

  • How can technology help to improve employee experience? 

  • Why is it so important to communicate across the organisation? And why is HR-IT collaboration of particular importance? 

  • What are the hurdles that need to be overcome between IT and HR? How will closer collaboration with IT improve HR’s value within an organisation?

  • And how does that collaboration look in practice? 

  • What specific tips can you offer to improve collaboration between IT and HR?

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