How modern HR & Payroll systems drive operational efficiency

31 May

How modern HR & Payroll systems drive operational efficiency

HR & Payroll Foundations Series

At a time of rising costs and concerns around the wider economy, operational efficiency is paramount for every business. The HR and payroll function is no different, with a clear need for the basics to be done efficiently to free up professionals working within it to focus on other, more strategic, and value-adding initiatives. These could relate to the job – progressing digital initiatives, for instance – or more internal projects such as staff or team wellbeing initiatives. 

Good payroll is compliant, secure, efficient, resilient, accurate and automated. Yet, legacy technology, disparate systems and manual processes are still stopping many organisations from achieving future-proof payroll that is an asset to their business, rather than a cost-centre. 

In this People Management Insight report, produced in partnership with SD Worx, we investigate the shared challenges that organisations experience when it comes to payroll. More importantly, we get expert advice from payroll thought leaders about what is driving these challenges and how businesses can develop a solid HR eco-system to overcome them.

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