"HR is central to building a true culture of sustainability"

"HR is central to building a true culture of sustainability"

Within a business, HR is a constant – often the first and last point of contact for its people. This is why it’s one of the best departments to build a true culture of sustainability, says Treedom’s Anna Weston


There are very few issues that are more important than sustainability. The UN considers the climate crisis and the need to reverse it as the “defining issue of our time”, and people of all ages are quickly acknowledging the pressing need to make sustainability a priority in everything we do.

It comes as no surprise that we’ve also experienced a significant shift in workplace attitudes. In the world’s largest employment markets, where unemployment is low, employer responsibility is on the rise, and the nature of our work/life balance is shifting, alongside trends such as ‘the great resignation’ and ‘quiet quitting’, employees hold an increasing amount of power.

When considering employers, potential employees expect their attitudes and interests – which often concern sustainability – to be aligned. As a result, businesses are faced with the question of how to put sustainability at the centre of everything they do, and how to choose meaningful and long-term initiatives that employees can feel a part of.