Hybrid working: Finding the happy balance

21 December

Hybrid working: Finding the happy balance

For many organisations and their employees, the implementation of hybrid working has transformed the workplace in a positive way, but evidence suggests a rethink could be taking place. 

Elon Musk recently insisted that Tesla and Twitter employees return to the office, while Apple announced in August 2022 that its staff would be expected to be in the office for at least three days a week. Research by The Myers-Briggs Company also reports that while 84% of employees who work from home enjoy it, 51% also admit they miss having people around them and 16% believe working from home has affected their wellbeing. 

It’s clear that a balance needs to be reached to keep both employers and their employees happy. Organisations that fail to offer people a working arrangement that suits them run the risk of an exodus of talent or creating a pool of disgruntled staff. It’s also important to find out what employees want, and to take into account their individual needs.

Read this People Management Insight Report, produced in partnership with The Myers-Briggs Company to discover how organisations and their employees should manage flexible working arrangements to find a happy medium.

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