Employee wellbeing

It will come as a shock to learn that the majority of professional services employees have real concerns about their personal safety, from staying late in the office to travelling for business. 

Although these concerns are widespread - across every industry sector, in fact - the fear itself is not equally distributed. Women, employees under 35 and hybrid workers are the most worried. And unfortunately their concerns are not unwarranted: 38% of female employees surveyed by Peoplesafe said they have received physical or verbal abuse at work, versus 27% of men.

Even though it is in employers’ best interests to address these concerns - as productivity, retention and wellbeing are all negatively impacted after an incident - too often staff are dismissed by leadership when they express them.

So what can HR teams do to help? 

Join this People Management Insight webinar, produced in partnership with Peoplesafe, to explore the toxic workplace practices which are putting employees at risk and find out how HR teams can mitigate them.

Our expert panel will ask:

  • Is hybrid working a help or hindrance to employee personal safety?
  • What falls within the employer’s remit when it comes to employee safety? 
  • What procedures or tools can employers implement to assuage safety concerns?
  • How can technology be used to address safety concerns at scale?

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