“Men’s healthcare is broken” - Peppy Health is here to fix it

Recent studies show that 20% of male employees will die before they reach retirement age, and half of them could’ve been prevented. This disconnection between men and healthcare is having detrimental and far-reaching consequences on businesses and HR goals, such as poorer engagement and higher attrition and sickness levels. 

To help these businesses, and employees who may feel too embarrassed to reach out, Peppy offers quick and easy access to anonymous, personalised healthcare support, delivered by qualified practitioners.

In this product spotlight, we speak to Sara Redwood, partnerships director of Peppy, who details the transformational difference gender-inclusive and family healthcare can have on businesses.

If you're interested in hearing more about how men's health could be impacting your business, register here for Peppy's Men's Health Week event: Men's Health Exposed: Tackling the Men's Health taboo at work