Product spotlight: everything you should know about MHR’s People First platform

Can one piece of software be your pay and reward platform, corporate intranet, communications hub, learning gateway and stepping stone to opportunity? People Management’s Suzanne Bidlake quizzes Simon Davies and Rebecca Carter from MHR on what the People First HR and payroll platform can do for your organisation – and how it stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Find out how People First delivers on its promise of fast adoption, puts real-time data in the hands of people managers and could help remote workers feel part of a community, in our latest 10-minute video tour of leading HR product solutions.

To find out more about People First, visit the MHR website, drop them a line at or give them a call 01159 456 000.

Rebecca Carter Product Owner - Talent MHR Global
Simon Davies Product Manager MHR Global
Suzanne Bidlake Contributing Editor People Management Insight (Host)
MHR Global