Six ways for employers to show they are grateful

Six ways for employers to show they are grateful

What a Californian mindset can teach us about the importance of staff recognition


At Gratitude Cafe, a hip vegan restaurant in Los Angeles, diners are not only being served delicious, ethical, sustainable food, they are also being asked to reflect on what they are grateful for. 

Mouthwatering and mood-boosting dishes listed on its menu are represented by self-affirmations – ‘I am blessed’ (butternut squash pasta), ‘I am terrific’ (smoked tofu pad thai) and ‘I am dynamic’ (wholewheat samosa chaat). When ordering, you are encouraged to say your affirmation aloud to your waiter who will repeat this back to you (“You are original”, “You are magical”, etc), while also leaving diners with a philosophical ‘question of the day’ to mull over.

So far, so LA. But look beyond the crisp table linen and cool white decor of the restaurant, and it’s clear the company cares deeply about its ethos and invests heavily in the wellbeing of its staff, stating: “We are not just in the restaurant business, we are in the business of developing people. Of all the successes we’ve found, we are most proud of the lives that have been changed through our communities and culture.’