Trust in the workplace: the changes and the challenges

Trust in the workplace: the changes and the challenges

In this webinar, brought to you in collaboration with Kronos, we are discussing how trust in the workplace has changed and how to nurture talent in the current climate

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We’ve all learned a lot about trust over the last few months. We’ve had to trust our leaders that they have a crisis / business continuity plan, trust our workforce that they’ll be productive while remote, and trust that our organisations have the right technologies in place that will serve the critical needs of employees and customers alike.

Like many things, trust has come under scrutiny as situations reach extremities. But is this a temporary shift or a more profound change in attitude – and, in fact, culture? Trust is first exemplified through strong leadership. It allows for growth, organisation changes, innovation and significantly the relationships with clients and business partners. For organisations who have fostered a culture of trust amongst its employees all along know this to be true: an organisations greatest assets are its people, and great businesses are powered by great people, and when we are stuck by hard times, they will continue to do right by their people. But for those organisations – or even individual managers – who have not cultivated trust might be struggling in the new world of virtual work.

HR technology is an enabler to help build trust in your business. The right technology can supply critical data to support decision making, and communicate it accurately to your organisation. With the right technology, you can reduce the risk of a single point of failure. This permeates throughout the business, including the way we service our customers and conduct external relationships. The combination of people, technology, and processes underpinned by trust and transparency needs to be the strong foundation of the way business is conducted.

In this webinar, in partnership with Kronos, we explore how trust in the workplace has changed in the current climate, what that means and what HR must do:

•         What does trust and transparency truly look like?

•         What technology is needed for a workforce to not only survive, but thrive?

•         How do you nurture and retain talent in such challenging times?

•         What is the role of leadership in managing change and building the new world of work?

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