What 100 HR Leaders Said About 2023

25 January

What 100 HR Leaders Said About 2023

From employee wellbeing, to burnout, to data and technology

The ongoing cost-of-living crisis and ‘quiet quitting’ phenomenon have exacerbated the many issues HR teams were already wrestling with due to the pandemic, such as tracking absenteeism, fostering employee wellbeing and gathering valuable data.

In fact, edays’ ‘Predicting the Future of HR in 2023’ survey revealed that more than a quarter of HR professionals do not have a clear understanding of the reasons behind the absences their teams take, and a third of UK businesses do not count mental health as a valid reason for absence. 

This People Management Insight whitepaper outlines the key takeaways from edays’ survey to identify how HR practitioners can leverage the power of technology platforms and data to optimise their current operations and activities.