Does your organisation have time for play?

Research suggests that encouraging laughter and fun at work can help people be more productive, happy and engaged at work. Tune in to learn how ‘play’ can impact engagement, productivity, wellbeing and absence management.

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People spend a lot of time at work. And new research suggests that maybe they should start enjoying it more. 

Research carried out by Professor Sir Cary Cooper, and the team at his university spin-off company, Roberson Cooper, revealed play and fun is helping companies to be more productive, happy and engaged at work. 

Could ‘play’ be the answer to solving a number of key HR issues such as engagement, productivity, wellbeing and absence management? 

In this webinar, we look at the benefits of creating a culture of play at work, as well as the potential drawbacks.

Join us to learn: 

  • What ‘play’ at work means and how it can be encouraged
  • Who’s responsibility is it?
  • Is there a place for fun in every organisation?
  • How can it impact on or re-design professionalism?
  • How it can attract, engage and retain employees
  • How to cater for millennials, senior workers and everyone in between
  • Can play go too far? What are the risks and where do you draw the line?