Five ways to retain and engage the ‘deskless’ workforce

How technology can help build a positive and empathetic culture for frontline and essential workers


During the height of COVID-19, workforces across the world stepped up admirably to ensure operations continued during the most volatile of circumstances. As a consequence, not only have many organisations rethought their entire attitude towards agility, for the desk-based workforce, entire new ways of working have sprung up. 

This is good news for office workers but with 80% of the workforce being roster-driven/shift-based (or ‘deskless’), has this majority seen the same improvements in working practice as their desk-based peers? 

Research from the Josh Bersin Company has shown the experience for deskless workers is similar but different to deskbound workers. “Part of the problem lies in the technology that deskless workers have – or haven’t – had access to,” says Nathan Miller, managing director, UK & Europe at Humanforce.