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Employee voice is anything that an employee communicates about themselves, their coworkers or their feelings towards the organisation they work for.

Leaders who not only listen to their team members but act upon the feedback they receive will see a whole host of business benefits. According to Josh Bersin, author of Elevating Equity, organisations are 12 times more likely to engage and retain employees and 8.5 times more likely to satisfy and retain customers when employee voice is properly embraced.

Too often, however, poor leadership stifles the voices of employees as they fear that their concerns won’t be taken seriously or may even be met with anger and reprisal. 

Join this People Management Insight webinar, produced in partnership with Hive HR, to learn how to promote employee voice and reap the rewards.

Our expert panel will discuss the following and more:

  • What active listenership looks like
  • Building a clear strategy to achieve your employee voice goals
  • Getting senior management buy-in
  • Using technology to listen to your employees at scale
  • How to measure your progress

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