How analytics can solve HR’s biggest problems in 2022

How analytics can solve HR’s biggest problems in 2022

Join this interactive webinar for tips and insights on how people analytics can help to tackle your biggest HR headaches 

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Mo’s handing in his notice next month. Dani’s team is in-demand but under-resourced. Sam hasn’t had a pay rise for two years. Anna’s not taken any holiday for over four months. Nadia's being paid less than her male counterpart.

Does this sound like your organisation?

The challenges businesses face today are many and broad – from the Great Resignation to talent and skills shortages to navigating hybrid working, and that’s just the start. As a result, people analytics are now a must.

So how can data insights and analytics help you understand everything that’s going on in your organisation? How can people analytics make your life easier? What are the ways that smart analytics can offset HR's challenges?

This webinar, in partnership with SplashHR, delves into this topic and explores…

  • The key ways People Analytics systems can help HR teams
  • How analytics and big data can inform and inspire action
  • The analytics that businesses depend on
  • Real-life examples of this technology solving HR headaches