How did Telefónica achieve continuous HR process improvement?

Telefónica is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world with a strong presence in 24 countries throughout Europe and the Americas. Telefónica provides more than 300 million customers with mobile, landline, internet, and TV services, through the commercial brands Movistar, O2, and Vivo.

At Telefónica UK, a high volume of employee onboarding requests resulted in backlogs for the HR team. Rather than increasing headcount, the team looked for a more efficient way to process requests to reduce the cycle and lead times for onboarding. They saw an opportunity to solve the problem through an electronic signature solution.

Download this report to learn how Telefónica uses an electronic signature solution from Adobe to maximise HR resources and provide more efficient recruitment services covering:

  • Better efficiency, shorter cycle time and lead time for HR processes
  • No backlog of onboarding requests
  • Compliance with strict security and privacy requirements