How to build a better employer value proposition

It's important to win top talent to grow your business – but is your EVP working?

Organisations must stand out to attract the best talent within increasingly competitive markets, and once recruited, employers must retain talented employees. View our webinar for practical tips on how to effectively cater to employee needs.

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Organisations must stand out if they are to attract the best talent within increasingly competitive markets. But the challenge doesn’t stop there –  once recruited, employers must ensure their people feel valued and engaged, if they are to retain them. Organisations that have a strong employer value proposition (EVP)  – a unique set of employee benefits in exchange for the skills they bring – are more likely to have a highly engaged workforce.

An EVP represents an organisation’s values and culture, offering practical benefits for employees such as learning programs or growth opportunities. And according to research by Towers Watson, people are five times more likely to be highly engaged if their organisation has an effective EVP. In contrast, under half of HR teams have long-term plans to support their EVP deployment.  

So are HR teams taking EVP seriously enough? And how can they deliver an effective proposition which caters to employee needs?  

Join our webinar, ‘How to build a better employer value proposition’, for practical advice from leading HR consultants and practitioners.  

You will learn: 

  • Why having a strong EVP is important
  • How to create an inspiring and appealing EVP that meet the needs of your employees
  • How to build a long-term EVP deployment plan
  • Effective ways to communicate your EVP to prospective and current employees
  • Tips on conducting an EVP review